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Live Newsfeed

Filabot Turns Waste into 3D Printing Material
Mechanical engineering student Tyler McNaney launches his invention, the Filabot, with the help of Kickstarter.

Integrating PLM Visualization with Secure Social
This presentation covers how secure social can be brought together with PLM visualization to deliver a new level of global collaboration.

An Investment in Teamcenter gets you Faster ROI
Siemens PLM Teamcenter can help you get a faster Return on Investment. Watch the webinar now!

Mentor Graphics\' FloVent Aids in Sustainable School Design
NOWarchitecture used three-dimensional computer modeling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to verify solar exposure and ventilation performance.

Mechdyne Engineer Achieves Challenging Certification
Mechdyne’s Mike Pedersen is one of only 110 professionals working in the audio/video industry to complete the CTS-D and the CTS-I qualifications.

NREL Engineer Honored for Geothermal Research
A principal engineer from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has been honored for his work on condenser technology.

Shifts and Moves in Digital Reality
A look at how companies like Trimble, Stratasys and Dassault are expanding through mergers and acquisitions to address new markets.

Crowdfunding Helps Lucid Energy Bring Hydro Power to Market
With the help of crowdfunding providers, OurCrowd, Lucid Energy is generating clean hydro power with turbines for water pipes.

Experience Real World Driving Conditions in 5D
Imagine a technology that lets designers experience real world driving conditions like hitting a pothole from their desk.

IEEE Standards Association Honors NREL Team Members
NREL employees have earned awards from organizations such as the IEEE Standards Association, and Green Fleet Magazine.

LPAS Conquers Geometry Design Challenges with IPD and Revit
LPAS used Revit with project partners AGA and B&B to focus on the exterior skin and the geometry, and to model the entire curtain wall system.

Dassault Systèmes Launches SolidWorks 2013
SolidWorks 2013 includes 200 customer-driven improvements including new drawing capabilities, cost estimation, network rendering and more.

Putting SolidWorks Curriculums in Classrooms
Richard Williams has gotten recognition for his SolidWorks project where he built a bridge out of Barilla Fettuccini Pasta and Elmer’s Wood Glue.

Open Standards-Based Simulation Data Management
Keith Hunten from Lockheed goes over an open standards system for Simulation Data Management (SimDM) they have been developing.

Solar Electric vs. Solar Thermal Implementations
Solar electric systems see growth due to cheaper modules, while thermal systems struggle to compete with natural gas.

Deadline for Energy Execs Applications Extended to March 20
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has extended the application window for the 2013 Executive Energy Leadership Academy to March 20.

First Advanced Solar Inverter Launched by Fronius USA Solar
Fronius created the IG Plus Advanced Inverter with arc-fault protection and advanced features for smart grid integration.

Double Design Productivity with Creo Parametric 2.0
This webinar will show users how they can improve their overall productivity by making the switch from Pro/E to Creo 2.0.

Only a Few Days Left for Contex\'s March Madness Sale
Through March 30th customers can save 40% off the HD Ultra i4290 scanners.

Autodesk to Announce Third Quarter Results
Autodesk will broadcast a Q3 fiscal 2013 financial results conference call live via its website Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Simulex Tool Provides More Advanced Animation Capabilities
A new 3D viewer that animates building evacuation and occupant movement has been launched today by Integrated Environmental Solutions.

PBAJV Airport Link Project is Truly Collaborative Effort
The team responsible for the Brisbane Airport Link projects design received the Special Recognition Award for Sustaining our Society at Be Inspired.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Deploys Mentor Capital Software
Mentor Graphics\' Mentor Capital software suite has been adopted by Mercedes-Benz Trucks to develop their Actros delivery truck.

Stratasys Launches the Objet30 OrthoDesk 3D Printer
The Objet30 OrthoDesk 3D Printer is specially designed for smaller orthodontic labs and clinics.

Industry Spotlight

PROSTEP PDM Migration Expert Series……
Is the thought of a large Product Data Management (PDM) migration project daunting? Fear no longer. PROSTEP has put together……

PROSTEP PDM Migration Expert Series……
Is the thought of a large Product Data Management (PDM) migration project daunting? Fear no longer. PROSTEP has put together……

Vendor Spotlight: Aras……
Hear what Aras customers are saying about Aras PLM solutions in this round up of articles featuring: Lear Corporation, Xerox,……

Technology Pushes Green Building Industry……
Green building can be as simple as creating your own straw bale house, or it can be taken to the……

Analysis and Simulation Today: S&A, Simulation Data Management & New Markets……
While many manufacturing companies have come to realize that analysis and simulation software can tremendously help them improve their product……

Shake-ups and Strides in 3D Printing……
3D printed guns, bionic ears, food -- what’s next? 3D printing has stirred up quite the buzz and gained a……

Sun-Enews serves the business to business needs of alternative energy product and service providers and interested consumers. Though small, the Community has grown exponentially almost entirely through word-of-mouth, 32% just this year. We expect this Community to continue to explode as the interest in non-fossil fuel energy sources grows.

The Sun-Enews e-mail newsletter arrives in Members’ mailboxes every Tuesday.

The CATIA Community covers Dassault Systeèmes CATIA PLM suite, including CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, and SMARTEAM. In conjunction with IBM, Dassault sells CATIA PLM primarily to the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Shipbuilding, Electrical & Electronics, Semiconductor industries.

CATIA Digital Digest, the e-newsletter for the CATIA Community, is sent every Tuesday.

Creo Community replaced in June 2011 and is an online community for users of Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER), Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate), Creo Elements/View (formerly ProductView), Windchill, and other PTC affiliated products. Creo is our largest community with coverage that builds upon 20 years of Creo content, including CAD business and technical articles, tips, case studies, and Q&A, galleries and calendars.

Creo Digital Digest, the e-newsletter for the Creo Community, goes out to Members every Thursday morning.

The Green Building Community presents sustainable- and green-building technology to design and construction professionals, as well as others interested in this growing market. The Community’s mission is to bring the latest green building content to the web to serve companies selling products and services and professionals seeking the latest technology. Membership is up 670% in the past 18 months.

The Green Building Community Digital Digest arrives in Members’ mailboxes every Tuesday.

The MicroStation Connections Community represents the users of Bentley Systems’ MicroStation product. MicroStation is used in the architecture/civil engineering/construction (AEC) industry for “work on buildings, civil engineering projects, power plants and geospatial information.” Though MicroStation is also a CAD program, the MicroStation Connections Community membership only partly crosses our MCAD sites but also has much in common with the Green Building Community.

MicroStation Connections Digital Digest goes to Members every Thursday.

The new Siemens PLM Community covers new developments in the Siemens PLM Software suite, companion products, and also includes other industry focused coverage. Siemens PLM software products covered include NX, Solid Edge and The Velocity Series and more.

The Siemens Community Digital Digest, the e-newsletter of the Siemens PLM Community, arrives in member's mailboxes every Wednesday morning.

The SolidWorks Community is an extremely active and involved Membership base. Membership in this Community is up 54% just this year. SolidWorks products, including the SolidWorks Office line, PDMWorks data management, and COSMOSWorks analysis, are used in the Industrial, Medical, Scientific, Consumer, Educational, Technology, and Transportation industries.

SolidWorks Digital Digest, the e-newsletter for the SolidWorks Community, is sent out every Wednesday morning.

The Revit Community represents the users of Autodesk Revit Architecture software, the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction suite and third-party companion products. Revit Architecture is Autodesk’s primary Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, designed to support all phases of design and construction documentation, used by architects and other members of the building team. The Community aims to serve the users of Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure.

The Revit Digital Digest, the e-newsletter of the Revit Community, goes to Members every Tuesday.

Inventor Connections serves the community of Autodesk Inventor professionals. Autodesk’s major push to move users from 2D to 3D has resulted in one of the fastest growth curves in MCAD software. Our Inventor Connections membership has grown 183% since its launch. Inventor is maximized for “Tube and Pipe design, Cable and Harness design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for design validation, and Dynamic Simulation to test real world performance.”

Inventor Connections Digest, the enewsletter of the Inventor Connections Community, arrives in Members’ mailboxes every Tuesday.

The PLM Connections covers Dassault Systèmes’ ENOVIA product suite, including ENOVIA, ENOVIA SmarTeam, ENOVIA VPLM, and other related products. Industries covered are Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Shipbuilding, and more.

The ENOVIA e-newsletter is sent out ever second Wednesday of the month.