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ConnectPress® communities offer numerous placement and frequency opportunities for your display advertising to reach our subscribers as they consume each communities' up-to-the-minute content. If your goal is to dominate a particular community, we recommend fixed placement advertising. If you'd prefer to spread your marketing dollars across multiple CP communities, we suggest you consider impression-based advertising. For more information about display advertising see Pages 4-6 of the current Media Kit for detail.
We have created three lead generation tools that maximize the power of permission marketing. We still offer traditional methods of click-and-deliver or email broadcasts which bring prospects to your door. Now, we also introduce prospects to you! Prospect contact info is delivered directly to your sales team for follow-up. For more info about co-registration, ad-click interrupt, and info request interrupt tools see the current Media Kit, page 7.
Want the biggest bang for your marketing buck? Consider taking advantage of one of our Sponsorship Packages. Not only will you have the total cache of our products and services at your disposal, you'll be making a statement to your niche markets that you want to invest in their success. Is your company sponsorship material? Contact your CP rep today to find out how you can show your support! Package details available in the current Media Kit on pages 8-9.
Whether purchased as à la carte products or combined with one of our value-packed sponsorship packages, CP harnesses the power of its subscribers' confidence to promote your brand(s) and/or product(s). We offer email announcements, press releases, and Buyer's Guide Directory listings to make sure your customers know who we know!